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Opening dialogue on the environment, the Regenerate collection aspires to empower; the impact people have as; individuals and collectively as a community in sustaining the environment.

Designed in collaboration with Dhuwa Al Mahmood a fashion influencer determined to support change in society based in Bahrain and Raghad Alahmad; a Jeddah based, collage artist who’s mind wanders beyond the universe. The collection explores “water” from a consumption and abundance viewpoint with Raghad Alahmad’s illustration.  Crafting unique denim jackets, each a work of art and unique in its own way. Revealing how individually we each have a role to play in society to preserve and respect water, however collectively we can have a greater impact. Controversially denim as a fabric was used to encourage people to consider their washing habits and relationship with water. Each jacket is a unique statement of change in our perspectives and behaviors. Researched infographics designed by Rawan Jabr were a part of the collection to emphasize on facts illustrated from researched data.

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