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Mapping Home

Mapping Home explores the fragile layers of our relationship with space in a visually geographic and metaphorically emotional form. Stemming from a distance it observes the idea of ‘home’ being a timeless memory in physical form and endless journey in its metaphorical exploration.


The concept conveyed through textile art by Shaima Shamsi & Alaa Balky, explores the city of Jeddah mapping a place they both were born in, call home, however live outside. Marked with the locations of artists Shaima Shamsi’s last home in Jeddah where she lived until December 2018 and Alaa Balky who visits her family in Jeddah from time to time.

Evoking complex emotions such as displacement, migration, identity, birth and longing, questioning the transparent contradiction between longing for permanence whilst actively seeking freedom.

An excerpt from the poem Bury, written by Shaima, is incorporated into the design. ‘I was born inside you, the atoms that belong to you belong to me too’.


I was born inside you, the atoms that belong to you, belong to me too.

I was born inside you, the atoms that belong to you, no longer belong to me.

I was born inside you, ​and in my longing I have only grown in love for you

-Shaima Shamsi

Colour Variations:
Dark Blue and Magenta – 8 pieces.
Light Blue and Beige – 8 pieces

Made in India from delicate silk tulle with hand-embroidery, beading with scalloped square edges.

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