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Lam Shaml

Created as individual beings we are all different from one another, questioning the notion “familiarity breeds contempt” the Lam Shaml collection in collaboration with Foulard a scarf brand. We conceptualized the ideals of translating unity through diversity.

Crafted to constitute synergy between cultural differences through symbolism. The scarf collection opens dialogue through design in raising ourselves to go delve into curiosities that float upon unfamiliarity. The name of the collection “Lam Shaml” is an arabic word that literally translates to “unify” however in conversation is used to reflect the “unification of people”, and in our concept it embodies an essence of “renewal through unity”

With a year in the making the collaboration has led us to illustrate 18 countries; India, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Syria, Oman, UAE, Bahrain, Turkey, Iran, China, Hawaii, Egypt, England, Mexico, Greece, Japan, Ghana & America to covert 6 continents.

Translating unity through diversity the scarf embodies conversations that stem from ideals of a curious being, that does not find contentment in familiarity but is willing to delve into conversations upon our differences to grow branches of self-discovery and embrace all that is unfamiliar with compassion and openness.

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