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The Homage collection is inspired by the nostalgia for a time in the 80s & 90s , when picnics were the most popular form of entertainment in the region among foreigners and locals. The familiarity of placing ourselves upon chattais, with flasks of chai, home marinated tikkas shared with loved ones, over, card games, laughter and stories all unfolding upon a temporary space with territorial markings indicated by the chattai.

The Homage bag not only pays tribute to cherished memories we continue to carry with us, but to the ingenuity of rural communities transforming what is often discarded into an object of creative utility; the chattai.

Whilst experimenting with new material and exploring the potential of up cycling, The Homage bag was entirely produced in India, each panel handwoven. Alongside thoughtfully appreciating the space between nostalgia and temporary spaces with a tangible object.

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